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Benevolent Pharmacy in Ningbo Distributes 40,000 Ibuprofen Tablets for Free
Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2023-01-03 15:12:20

  Volunteers are separating ibuprofen tablets into little packages. Photo by Wu Danna.

  In this late December, Xu Dongbin and Wang Xiaoqin – a post-1980s couple and owners of a local pharmacy – decided to give away 40,000 ibuprofen tablets in separate small packages to residents. Their benevolence has been prevalently welcomed among the public, enjoying thumbs-up from netizens.


  At 7 p.m. on December 24th, 2022, the young couple with volunteers were, when contacted by Ningbo Evening News, busy unpacking the original ibuprofen boxes into smaller packages containing nine tablets apiece. These new packages would be distributed free of charge the following day.


  During the daytime, Xu and Wang had already repackaged and sent over 16,000 free ibuprofen tablets. This heartwarming act of kindness was soon greeted with rapturous acclaim.


  Ibuprofen – currently in high demand – has been unfortunately out of stock these days. On the day before their free distribution, Xu snapped up a batch of ibuprofen antipyretics through the supply channel and immediately contacted Wang Guoneng, director of Rainbow Bay Social Work Service Center in Ningbo Qianwan New Area. "Greatly worried over the critical need of so many citizens on fever reduction medicine and the like. I'd like to give them away tomorrow morning!" Xu made such a proposal the minute he met with Wang Guoneng.


  "I really appreciate your kindness! Recently our center is short of volunteers. However, we will surely help distribute tablets to those in need!" Wang sent recruitment messages to the group chats of volunteers the first time on December 23rd.


  Obliging volunteers were gathered on the morning ofDecember 24th to assist unpacking and repackaging. Shortly after 9 a.m., informed residents lined up in front of the pharmacy. “Each person receives nine tablets, only eligible to patients with fever above 38.5 °C. If fever persists after medication, you must consult professional medical treatment as soon as possible.” Instructions and precautions were also patiently delivered to the residents coming for the free medicines.


  A couple of workers at the nearby construction site of Qianwan New Area expressed their gratitude. “Many colleagues have caught a fever for days. But antipyretics are still unavailable. It’s truly a life-saving medicine.”


  From 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the pharmacy sent over 16,000 ibuprofen tablets in one day, and for the volunteers, they led a highly hectic schedule even with no time to have lunch.


  News about free medicine quickly went viral on social media.


  "Nice bosses with great love and upright character!"


  "Thanks for your kindness. You saved us."


  "Their pharmacy has altogether four branches nearby. For COVID-19 antigen test reagents, face masks, and various related medicines, all have been sold at normal prices these days as long as the above drugs and facilities are still in stock. Their pharmacy enjoys a great reputation."


  The generosity of this young couple has been heatedly discussed among netizens, widely appreciated as an excellent example of promoting the core socialist values.


  "It's no big deal. It will be great if all these can be helpful. Let's work together to tide over the difficulties!" Xu replied in his calm demeanor.