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Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2023-01-31 14:45:21

  The Maohuo Park. /茅鑊古樹公園。[Photo by Tang Yan]唐嚴攝

  By Dong Na

  Hidden in the Siming Mountain, the Maohuo Park has more than 100 ancient trees of nearly 1,000 years old, such as Pseudolarix amabilis, ginkgo, and maple.


  There is a lush and shady group of ancient trees at the entrance to the Maohuo. Although the oldest has been growing for more than 600 years, they still branch out and are well preserved. The trees can reach a height of about 40 or 50 meters, each tree requires three or four adult men to hold together. The most amazing is an unknown ancient tree near the village entrance, whose diameter of about 1 meter. Though the middle of the trunk has all rotten empty - when you poke your head through the hole at the bottom of the tree can even faintly see the light of the sky- the canopy still has dense branches and leaves.


  The park is rich in natural resources, with ancient trees all over, including the rare species of Pseudolarix amabilis, which is protected by the state, the ginkgo tree, which is known as a "living fossil" in the plant world, and the Torreya tree, known as the "longevity tree". Among them, one of the most famous trees of Pseudolarix amabilis, called "the king of all trees", is about 500 years old, whose tree circumference and wood volume are the most in China.